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About Spectra SHIELD

Spectra SHIELD® Collar Attached Medallion offers 4 months of flea and tick control for dogs 6 months and older. This unique product makes flea and tick control easier and more convenient than it’s ever been before!

Spectra SHIELD® delivers the performance dog owners expect from flea and tick products, but at a retail price point that’s very affordable – and much less than leading vet flea & tick brands based on monthly use/cost comparisons.

The Spectra SHIELD® sustained release delivery system offers the following benefits:

  • Ensures the continuous release of very small amounts of active ingredients
  • Consistently replenishes the active ingredients to the dog’s skin and hair coat
  • Avoids heavy concentrations of active ingredients on the animal
About Spectra Shield

Available in doses for 3 dog weight breaks including:

Item # Item Description Weight Break Units Per Display Units Per Case UPC #

Spectra SHIELD for Dogs, 1 medallion

(4 gm)

14 to 29 lbs. 6 24 7-45801-01137-3

Spectra SHIELD for Dogs, 1 medallion

(6 gm)

30 to 55 lbs. 6 24 7-45801-01138-0

Spectra SHIELD for Dogs, 1 medallion

(8 gm)

Over 56 lbs. 6 24 7-45801-01139-7


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