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How It Works

Spectra SHIELD® Collar Attached Medallion contains Zetacypermethrin which is a powerful synergized pyrethroid that kills adult fleas and all blood-feeding stages of ticks. The second ingredient is Piperonyl Butoxide which is a mixed-function oxidase inhibitor that ensures maximum effectiveness of Spectra SHIELD®. While this highly effective combination protects pets, it exhibits very low toxicity to animals and humans.

When hung on the dog’s collar the active ingredients migrate to the surface of the tag and are then transferred from the surface of the tag to the hair of the dog where the actives mix with the natural oils on the skin and hair and migrate all over the body. This process is facilitated by the natural oils on the hair and skin of the animal.

How Spectra SHIELD works - image 1 How Spectra SHIELD works - image 1 How Spectra SHIELD works - image 1


To learn more about the science behind
Spectra SHIELD® Collar Attached Medallion,
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Directions for use

Step One: Open clasp and slide around the “D” ring on the dog’s collar

Step Two: Close clasp halves and press together until it clicks into place

Step Three: When properly closed, both halves will line up evenly. The medallion must swing freely from the “D” ring on the dog’s collar

Note: To open the locked clasp, pull the 2 sections away from each other at the top of the oval clasp to release them pull the halves apart


How-To Steps

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