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I LOVE the Spectra Shield flea and tick medallion. My dogs roam over many wooded acres and just one medallion lasted the entire summer! Both last year and this year I only saw about 3 ticks and no fleas on my dogs.

~ Jennifer N. of Hindsville, Arkansas


Good morning, I tried your Spectra Shield recently, what a great product. First, it works, no ticks or fleas Second, NO GREASY MESS. Clip it on and your done!

~ Brad D. of Piscataway, New Jersey


I love the flexibility of Spectra SHIELD. The clip and go system makes the whole process a breeze. Daisy always hated the messy pour on treatment, now we get the best of both world, flea and tick protection and no mess!

~ Trista T. of St. Louis, Missouri


Since I put the Spectra SHIELD® medallion on our dog Jr. 6 weeks ago I haven't seen a flea on him. More importantly, Jr. was scratching and itchy before and now he is a happy pup who no longer scratches constantly.

~ David W. of Wagener, South Carolina


Early this spring our daughter noticed a tick on our Golden Retriever. Since I had not applied the spot on to start the season I attached one of the Spectra SHIELD® Medallions. Two days later my daughter said she found another tick on our dog. She said this tick looked funny. She had pulled the tick off and put it on a piece of paper. I was convinced the tick would have crawled off. It had not as the tick was dead and dried up. Tremendous results in just 48 hours and the results continue each day!

~ Mark F. of Blue Springs, Missouri


Our dog Bell is a two year old heeler that covers about sixty acres daily playing and checking the herd. We have not found a flea or tick on her in the 5 weeks since she has worn her Spectra Shield medallion. So far so good!

~ Todd of Poteau, Oklahoma




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