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Flea and Tick Control Begins At Home

Pests Are As Comfortable In Your House As On Your Pets

A growing complaint from pet owners is the flea and tick control product they purchased isn’t working – even when a veterinarian administered the treatment, or if they themselves are confident they applied the product properly.

As the gripe generally goes, whether it’s about sprays, shampoos, spot-ons, orals, collars and medallions, pet owners claim their animals are pestered by fleas and ticks soon after they get them home and indoors – even before taking them to the dog park.

If that’s the case, experts suggest you look beyond your dog or cat’s coat and skin. Take a look at bedding, rugs, carpets, furniture, and all the nooks, crannies and cracks that could be breeding grounds for insects – especially fleas. Technology is extending the life cycle and habitat of naturally hardy anthropod and insect species. Modern residential HVAC systems, humidifiers and other advanced climate control devices create conditions ideal for fleas and ticks to breed and feed. Eco-friendly building materials and architectural designs also help replicate natural surroundings and blur seasonal breeding patterns.

To provide the most effective flea and tick control for your pets, you need to launch a comprehensive program that targets both indoor premises and outdoor surroundings with eradication strategies to disrupt flea and tick life cycles and eliminate infestations in the environment.

How To Control Fleas: Indoors and Outdoors


Here’s your check list for a healthy flea-free atmosphere inside and outside of your home:

  • Vacuum Often: Carpets, rugs, pet bedding, upholstery, floors, cracks in floors, in corners and behind doors.
  • Remove Vacuum Bag, Empty Canister: Seal it in a plastic bag and throw away.
  • Vacuum Again
  • Wash, Treat Pet Bedding Regularly
  • Use Carpet Powders, Sprays or Pellets
  • Fogging: Use fogger with an IGR component (Insect Growth Regulator); pretreat baseboards, under furniture and areas the fogger mist can’t reach effectively.
  • Spray Home-Approved Pesticide: Apply in cracks, crevices and hard-to-reach- areas; repeat spraying every 7 days.


Here’s your check list for a healthy flea-free atmosphere inside and outside of your home:

  • Mow Grass Regularly: Cut grass short, and keep landscaping neat to minimize breeding. Collect and discard clippings.
  • Spray Yard-Approved Pesticide: On lawn, under/around trees, shrubs, flowers.
  • Spread Concentrated Pesticide Granules: To kill adult population – add Nylar IGR to mix to help eliminate eggs and larvae.

Treat your dog bedding.
Vacuum carpet frequently.
Keep grass cut short.
Keep landscaping tidy.

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